Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ready, Set, 1 - 2 - 3 Write......

Screech!!!! Halt!!! Wait, wait. I just saw the latest software for writers who are just starting out on xyz website and it is a must. A manuscript cannot be written without it. I can't start writing until I have that in my writer's tool kit. I mean it is very important to keep track of my word count.

Oh, and while I was at the bookstore I just had to buy this book on how to sell books and articles. Never mind that I already have 10 books with all the advice that any novice writer needs even though I don't have anything written yet, but I know I will, so I need to be prepared.

I can't forget to subscribe to 15 magazines, websites and news papers and read 30 books before I put my first word on paper.

Now....What else do I need? Oh, what about that seminar?....oh, oh, dictionary, thesaurus, uh, ......just put it in the basket. I'll read later.

Okay, okay, you get my drift. As a new writer, blogger, etc, I have found myself doing everything BUT writing lately. Instead, I have gathered as many self-help books and articles on a freelance writing career, looking for THE secret. I have discovered that I have THE secret. It is in my fingertips right here, right now.

I realize I am not saying anything new to you veterans out there, but if there are any new writers listening in...run...don't walk to the nearest keyboard or note book and start putting your words down. Until that happens, you will never be a "writer" and any advice you receive won't do you any good until you put it to Action.

All of those things I mentioned above are very important but my point is that they do not stand alone and a writer can not learn by osmosis. I appreciate all the help that is out there for people like me and I shouldn't waste it by doing nothing.

To name a few of the important people who are here to help fledgling writers like me are Lisa Gates of Intrinsic life design, FundsforWriters, Writer in the making, The Golden Pencil and on and on. Please visit them.

Write it down,

Friday, February 23, 2007

Plot driven or Character driven?

Which type are you? Suzanne Lieurance, the working writer's coach at The Lieurance Group, added some helpful comments during her teleclass about "plot-driven" writers versus "character-driven" writers. She reported that she learned she is a plot driver, which means her writing tends to focus on what comes next, how it happens, and how to move the story along without involving much of the character's personal lives or emotions. Dan Brown and John Grisham are "plot" men. Romance writers are most likely to be character driven.

Do you have a hard time "letting it flow" when writing? If so, it could be why non-fiction may be your expertise. Most people tend to over edit and criticize their own work. If you edit, format, and document sources in each paragraph before going to the next one, this can make it difficult to flow with the plot and characters as a fiction writer.

These are just a couple of ideas to come from the teleclass.

Write it down

Thursday, February 22, 2007

If Only I'd Written.....

It seems today that the theme is about accepting criticism. Suzanne Lieurance touched on this at her site today. Yes the wider the audience you write too the more criticism you will receive and as Suzanne says, that is good.

What is not good is too much self-criticism. Now, mind you we all do it but let's be careful how much of it we listen too. Self - criticism can go on and on and it is highly unlikely that you are going to share every negative thought you have about yourself with others. Therefore when you do talk all this negative junk to yourself, no one is around to refute it because we fool ourselves into believing that we are more objective of ourselves than "outsiders" because, after all they are only "being nice".

Next time y0u feel you "bombed" ask yourself what you can learn from this experience. Are you a 100 percent a 100 percent of the time?

Above all, let's try to remember that the most important thing about any critique of yourself or others-- is that it inspires the wirter to go back and try again. If your self-ciritcism doesn't accomplish this then you have deprived the world of your continuing growth and achievement.

Write it down,

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good Writing

Good writing doesn't just happen. It takes extra effort and a commitment to find the special angle that will lift your project above the ordinary.

Write it down,

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Confessions of a Newbie

I am a new blogger and a new writer in the sense that I am now in the "business" of writing. Translation meaning
Freelance Writer

I started this blogg with the help of Google but even with all their help I am lacking in understanding some applications. I expect to see my blog evolve into a more pleasant aesthetic appeal. Plus I am always open for suggestions.

My main reason for starting this blogg is to meet like minded people and to learn from them and hopefully others can learn from me.

The blogs I am benefiting from now are Writer In The Making, Intrinsic life design - scaffolding, The Golden Pencil, Writing for Children Center, Inkthinker
The list could go on and on. Now that I am spending so much time reading how to be a successful writer, when will I have time to write? The answer is to have a plan and stick to it.

Write It Down,

Monday, February 19, 2007

Thanks Harmony for the well wishes. This is a challenging experience. One that I hope to reap many rewards from.

Believe in Your Ideas

Have you ever noticed that it is not the "way" things are, rather it is the "way" people think things are.

What you think has a way of becoming true. If you don't think you are very creative, change your attitude. Believe in your ideas. Look for more than one answer. You have all heard about using the "What if?" question.

Well, What If you think you're creative? You'll put yourself in a situation where you can use your creativity, take a few risks, and come up with new ideas.

Write it down,

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Success Is Not Luck

I believe that success is not a matter of luck, nor is it the result of hard work. Believe me it takes just as much hard work to fail as it does to succeed. Success is not made by accident. Success is the result of sound thinking, intelligent planning and deliberate right actions.

With that in mind, what are you waiting for? In fact what am I waiting for?

Write it down,


Saturday, February 17, 2007

All the President's Men/Women

Who knows? We could have a woman president in our near future. However, I am not sure if "we" are ready for that. The glass ceiling is still there. Is it a fallacy that Hil could break it? What do you think?

I do believe that this subject is endless and every angle imagineable will be written about it for a long time. The times we live in provide more niches than any writer could hope for.

Write it down,

Friday, February 16, 2007


Welcome to Karma's Word. She is a brand new blogger baby. All ready to go. Let's have some fun and discover new things about the creative mind.