Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rejection With Love

Rejection is one of those words that when spoken out loud it becomes the fingernail scratching the blackboard slice of life. We can't get away from it fast enough to lick our wounds.

However, Lisa Gates has a great post on rejection. Click here to read how one magazine can defuse connotation and emotions many of us feel by writing one word in the rejection letter.

Also, rejection can be a character building block. It will teach us that we do not always have to win or be right all the time. It teaches us that there are a million other opinions floating around the world and the world does not revolve around us.

I think rejection can be considered a form of constructive criticism. It cannot and must not be taken personally. I know it is difficult not to take rejection personally sometimes, because we do pour our heart and soul into our work.

It has been said by many writers, that they consider their rejection letters a badge of honor. At least their work is being read. That is the positive take on it.
Write it down,