Saturday, February 16, 2008

You're Never Too Young To Read A Good Book

The other day I was babysitting my year old grandson Gabriel. He is the smartest baby in the world just as all grandchildren are. His parents are smart too because they began introducing him to books when he was six months old. They let him touch and feel the books and of course read to him. Now when he sees one of his books he gets very excited. When I gave him his favorite picture book of the alphabet he grabbed it with both hands and began to “read” it. This kid will always be entertained by books, thanks to an early start.

This brings me to point out there is a huge market for writers and illustrators who wish to write for children of pre-preschool ages. It is so important to shape a child’s mind in a positive and caring way. You may think it would be simple to write “See Spot run” or words to that affect but children’s attention spans are short and the type of words used in toddler’s books need to be effective and descriptive. In today’s world it is not just learning to read the words it is about learning to describe them.

Writing for children is a multi faceted specialty because of the wide range of age groups and subject matter. Would you like to become a Children’s writer and play an important role in a child’s life? Join the Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club as I did and begin to learn from writing coach and founder, Suzanne Lieurance, and authors like Margot Finke and Lila Guzman.
Write it down,