Monday, June 4, 2007

Metaphor - Figure of Speech - Free Speech

Liz Strauss at Successful always comes up with intriguing projects. She makes us dig down deep into the cortex or is it vortex (I don’t know for sure), of our creative minds.

Blogging is transforming everyday

To make it simple I usually tell family and friends that blogging is like writing a newspaper column. You get to write about a wide variety of topics and you get your own byline. The part that is hard for them to understand is the WHY I do it.

I tell them when writing for a newspaper one does not get feedback or meet new people or exchange creative ideas, or help one another. I think the day will come when all we have to say is “I am a blogger” and people will nod their heads and say “Wowwww, cool”

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Write it down,

Eight Minutes!

Today at exactly 2:30 p.m. PST, with clammy hands and fingers, I pushed the send button and my email query sailed into cyber space. Exactly at 2:38 p.m. I had a response. Is that a world record? Nevertheless, there is a positive side to this because the editor said I should feel free to submit more queries in the future... You betcha.

What is the shortest amount of time between submitting an article and receiving a response for you?

Jenna Glatzer of addresses the benefits of E-Queries in her book “Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer”. She says you don’t have to spend money on postage, ink, paper and envelopes. Response time is faster.” (I say it is!)

Of course there is always a down side to everything. You have less time to engage your reader with an e-query. “A busy editor checks her email with one hand on the mouse, ready to hit ‘delete’” Jenna says. “You have to use every word to convince her to read on.”

When sending an email query you can be a little more creative with the subject line so you can grab the attention of the editor. In these days with the bombardment of spam, it is probably better to identify yourself as a writer immediately, rather than risk looking like an ad. For instance you can write “Query: How I broke the Glass Ceiling”, in the subject line or any catchy title that may generate a response.

Let’s hope you write a fantastic lead because in an editorial meeting, editors usually only have about ten seconds to pitch their (your) ideas. Keep this question in mind: “What can you write that will be easy to summarize in just a few seconds?”

Which ever method of delivery you choose, snail or email, to send off your query just make sure it is what the editor asks for. Keep sending them because persistence pays off. So get ready to send out a killer query.

Write it down,