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Coming Soon! Sarah Sundin, Author, Interview

Hope you enjoyed reading my review of A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin. that is posted below.

I am posting my interview with Sarah on April 2, 2010. Please drop by and meet her.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Distant Melody - Book Review

Title: A Distant Melody
Author: Sarah Sundin
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3421-3
Publisher: Revell (a division of Baker Publishing Group)

A Distant Melody is Sarah Sundin’s debut novel. A historical romance novel set in World War II. Get ready all you readers – it is only going to get better. Sarah Sundin is truly gifted. I can hardly wait to read books two and three in her Wings of Glory series..

Sarah’s main characters, Allie Miller, ball bearing heiress and Lt. Walter Novak, ace B-17 pilot meet by chance at a friend’s wedding in northern California. Right away the romance angle is set. What is more romantic than a wedding? However, no good romance ever blossoms flawlessly and Allie and Walt’s relationship is no exception to the rule.

Walt Novak comes from a middle class background and Allie Miller from high society. Also to add to romantic tension and suspense, Allie neglects to mention her fiancé Baxter who is waiting back in southern California. She rationalizes she will never see Walt again because he is shipping out to Europe to fly B-17 bombers in England. In wartime, emotions are unpredictable and no one knows when they will see their friends and loved ones again so sometimes minor details like who has a fiancé get left out. Sarah’s attention to detail is remarkable. Her description of B-17 bomber’s and pilots flow effortlessly so that even a novice history buff like me, can easily picture World War II action and danger on every page of Lt. Novak’s flying missions.

Each chapter of Distant Melody holds several page-turning tension moments. On one page Allie and Walt would be dancing cheek to cheek and you knew the kiss was coming but when the page turned, Allie’s conscience would pop up and another aspect of their relationship would open. When Walt’s plane almost crashes because his crewmen loaded about a ton of booze in the back thinking they could make money by selling it to the Brits, was a humorous moment but also seriously dangerous for the success of the mission.

Sarah gives an accurate and eye opening account of what life was like in America during the 1940’s. So many things we take for granted today were not available to people. American’s bonded together to help make the war effort successful and to help give all military the supplies and tools they needed to win the war.

A Distant Melody has it all: intrigue, lying, tension, love, romance, humor and sorrow. In other words; life. Life in 1940’s wartime era was precious and tentative and Sarah’s characters capture the essence of that time reminding us of the sacrifices that were made. Airmen were not allowed to carry personal effects when flying so if shot down, the enemy would not have any information about them. Walt carried his dog tags and a Scripture verse from Psalm 18 on a slip of paper.

When you read A Distant Melody, you will discover one of the first emotions between Allie and Walt is respect and friendship and from there romance is born. An important example we can all learn from. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to enjoy a love story laced with honesty, trust, faith and uprightness. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Wings of Glory series, A Memory Between Us, and meet Walt’s brother Jack Novak.


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Jane G. Meyer, children's book author- today on "Inside the Writer's Life"

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did. Jane Meyer is amazing. After reading the interview take some time to peruse her blog and website.

Jane G. Meyer, children's book author- today on "Inside the Writer's Life"

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The Number One Place to Promote Books

Sooner or later every author will have to deal with book promotion and marketing. The success of your new book depends on the type of marketing path you take.

Yvonne Perry is a Freelance writer, editor, award-winning author, speaker and owner of Writer's in the Sky Creative Writing Services and has expert advice on how and where to promote your book. Enjoy her article.


Writers and published authors need to take advantage of the number one method of book selling-the Internet. The Internet is the greatest selling and marketing tool available to an author. There are many opportunities and different ways to do achieve this. Here are a few online marketing tips for new authors.

One the simplest, most cost-effective ways to reach a broad online audience with your product and urge the reader into action is social networking. I'm referring to sites and online places where people share friendship and information. I love Goodreads and I get a lot of response whenever I post an event on that site. I am signed up not only as a reader, but as an author, which gives me a profile and the ability to promote my products. Other sites such as Ning, and Plaxo are also places you can let others know about you book, blog tour, or other marketing events.

The basic techniques for marketing fiction are the same as those of marketing nonfiction, so the methods work well in either case. However, a new author needs to know her target readership. A romance book will typically draw a different type of audience than a how-to book on gardening or fishing. So, when establishing a following on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, Ning, Yahoo groups, and other sites, search for people by reading their profiles. Look for keywords that describe or relate to the topic of your book. Look for people who read the types of books you write.

The biggest mistake authors make when attempting to market their books is going out unprepared or without having a marketing plan or the information necessary to successfully create the buzz. Many authors do not even have a Web site or blog with a point of purchase that gives the reader enough information about the book to actually make an informed purchase. An author needs to know what components are necessary to have on a site in order to compete in today's online marketplace. This is where a marketing plan comes in handy. It takes time and consistent effort to build your following and get people interested in your book before they will take action. It's been said that someone must see or hear about a product seven times before they will buy it. Book marketing success may not happen overnight, but you will begin to see steady progress if you stay at it. It will take you about six months to complete everything in the eBook because some of it has to be set up such as Web sites, blog tours, and social networks.

Do you need help marketing your book? Many of my clients are authors who do not have a clue about how to market their books. The material in Book Marketing in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy is a combination of what I teach in seminars and present in speaking engagements and one-on-one mentoring with authors needing assistance with book publicity.

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