Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brilliante Weblog Promo - 2008 Award

I am honored that Donna McDine of Write What Inspires You awarded me the honor of the Brilliante Weblog Promo -2008 Award.

Donna and I were part of the Children's Writing Coaching Club earlier this year. Donna's career is taking off like gang busters. Every time I look around she is getting accepted. Her most recent acceptance was her article "Sports Buddies" for Hopscotch for Girls to be published 2014.

That seems like a long way off but I learned from Donna that it is common for many publishers to plan years ahead. It does give a writer a good sense of security. In addition this also means that Donna's words are timeless and will always be applicable. Congratulations Donna.

To learn more about Donna, visit her at

Following are my nominations for the Brilliante Weblog Promo Award 2008

Terri Forehand

Dorothy Massey

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