Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! It's Children's Book Week!

May 12 through May 18.

Hosted by the Children's Book Council. Go visit their website to learn all about it. Also, check with your local library. I am sure they have some wonderful things in store to celebrate.

Color Me!

Purchasing coloring books online is a common occurrence. Also, many sites have single pages that can be printed out for coloring. I have found a few sites to print out coloring pages drawn by illustrators of children 's books such as Elizabeth Dulemba. She places one coloring page for children each Tuesday on her blog for printing and coloring. I have printed several for my grandchildren.

Read the article below: Coloring Books - Online Books, by Elizabeth Ashe. Her website also lists resources to help you find quality books for children at affordable prices.

It seems that you can find everything and anything online these days, but can you find coloring books? A quick search will reveal that coloring books are indeed online and there are quite a few options that appear for them.
Some of these options include: online coloring books, jumbo coloring books, and coloring books for purchase.

Online coloring books - This is a new phenomenon known only to the online generation, kids prior to this day in time never knew the option of printing out virtually endless amounts of coloring pages for their coloring pleasure. Nowadays, kids can log on to their favorite kid's programs website and either color pictures of their favorite characters right there on the computer screen and print them on their printer, or they can print out the blank coloring page and color with crayons. Now that's options!

Jumbo coloring books - Also a new but very fun idea is the jumbo coloring books that are available today both in your local discount store and for purchase online. These huge coloring books can create hours of fun for your child. Available again with their favorite cartoon characters and these are larger than life. Kids can spend hours coloring in these extra large books.

Coloring books for purchase online - Does your child have a favorite cartoon character or maybe they have a love for tiny horses, sheep dogs or some other unique animal. Online you can find an array of coloring books available for purchase that you may not find anywhere else.

Elizabeth Ashe is a mom of four that would love to show how to find great cheap books online. To learn more visit http://www.bestchildrensbooksonline.com/
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