Saturday, January 19, 2008

When Your Butt Hits the Chair

Your hands are poised over the keyboard, elbows are bent. You feel the raised hyphen on J and F as you position your fingers over the keys. The printer is full of paper, computer is on and cursor is blinking at the top of the page.

The second hand taunts with Tick... tock...... tick.... tock.....

Hands are poised over the keyboard, You double check your finger position as you feel the raised hyphens again over F and J. Your elbows are still bent, printer is still full of paper, Word doc is open and the cursor is beckoning like Ahab's finger... type... type... type... type...


Does this happen more often than you would like? Me too.

When this happens to me I go looking for prompts and motivation either by reading one of my books or online. I ran across a few neat sites that may be able to do the trick for you if you haven't heard of them yet. Let me share them with you.

Creative Writing Prompts

As always the Writers Digest is always a great resource.

And The Teacher's Corner

Write it down,