Monday, July 7, 2008

Writer's Toolbox: Links and Tips

Writers spend an enormous amount of time perfecting their craft so it stands to reason they will spend a good amount of time learning about the publishing business as well. There are pitfalls around every corner just waiting for the uninformed writer. Pitfalls could end a writer's career before it ever gets started. Don't let it happen to you.

Jerry Simmons is an author and former executive with the Time Warner Book Group. His web site is full of free articles and writing tips based on his 25 years in the publishing business.

I have read several of his articles and blog entries. One in particular stood out to me. All writers need editors. Jerry states “you cannot sell a good story that is poorly edited.” Another great article by Jerry is Who is making money in publishing?

Download the free article You Are Only a First Time Author Once.

More tips from a professional

I stumbled across Fiona Bayrock's site several months ago. She is a full time writer and writes a lot of “cool” science stuff for kids in addition to giving out writing advice, tips and links. You will enjoy surfing around at her site. I recommend the following article.

Getting from Theme to Article: Advice From a Theme Junkie.

Fiona also has a host of articles from children's non-fiction authors covering subjects like: Technique, Writing Science for Kids, Writing Biographies for Kids, writing query letters and selling Non-fiction. I could spend a whole day here.

Write it down,