Friday, July 25, 2008

Five Thoughts to Discover Your Writing Inspiration

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." (Jack London)

Inspiration is all around us. A word, a song, or a picture can propel us forward to greatness.

Today inspiration came to me via Suzanne Lieurance, my writing coach from the Working Writer’s Coach, The National Writing for Children Center and my summer boot camp writing buddy, Lisa H. from Peace and Laughter in the Moment..I think. Job boards are also inspiring because when a job speaks to you, a slew of ideas begin to cascade through your head and you can’t wait to write them down and submit.

Consider using one or all of these five approaches to find your inspiration.

1. Music is a major source of inspiration. Listen to your favorite music when relaxing and ideas will come like a waterfall.

2. Free writing creates moments of the muse. You may be stuck on a topic and your writing is reflecting boredom. Even if you have to write the same words over and over keep doing it and before you know it your creative power is unleashed and you have a novel, article or EBook.

3. Next is reading. Great minds do travel in the same dimension. Get out a favorite book that is close to your own niche and read away.

4. Carry a small personal recorder in your purse or pocket. Now if you are in the shower that may be a little difficult. Dry off your writing hand and use the pen and paper that is laying on the bathroom vanity. Or run dripping wet to the computer and type it in.

5. Go to the park if you are feeling stuck. This is a wonderful chance to practice meditation and prepare your mind to receive great thoughts.

I like to take bike rides early mornings so I can "hear" the quite and "see" the Forrest with out the trees. Where are you when brilliant ideas pop in your head?

Write it down,