Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to Write a Story in Three Acts

Many of our stories we write for children or anyone for that matter are inspired by our knowledge of real life. Often this can be helpful or at other times inhibiting. When you are creating a story and characters you need to fit them in their own little world.

The three-act concept is a take on beginning, middle and end.

Act I) Problem and Obstacle
In the first act the protagonist encounters his/her central problem and the first obstacle in solving it.

Act II) Conflict and Struggle
Here the main character encounters more choices that create more conflict. You need to ask yourself if the hero can achieve his goal despite this or despite that. Your plot should have at least three major obstacles to overcome and more challenging than the one before.

Act III) Is obviously the end of the story but without characters, plots and sub plots a story is empty. If you would like to learn how to insert believable characters into your three-act story, Join the write for children ">for only $27 per month.

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