Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Kiss: Ten Reasons Girls Should Never Kiss Boys

  1. At what age did you experience your first boy-girl kiss? Mine was at the age of six. However, the beneficiary of my affection was not a happy camper. I knew this how? Because, after I tackled him, I plastered smooches all over his face. His arms were flapping up and down and the weight of my body on top of his kept him from running away. Parents, save yourself and your daughter some embarrassing moments.

    Ten Reasons Why Girls Should Never Kiss Boys:

    1. You don’t know what he had in his mouth before he came to school.

    2. Your daughter’s teacher is filming the first day of school and the kissing incident becomes the leading story on the six-0-clock news.

    3. His father MIGHT be the principal of the school.

    4. His father IS the chief of police.

    5. The boy will bite her nose.

    6. The boy’s parents will take you to court for assault.

    7. Your daughter will be expelled from kindergarten.

    8. Her teacher will make you come to the class room and write on the blackboard 100 times: “I will never rip film from the teacher’s camera again.”

    9. You will be banned from the PTA.

    10. Last but not least your daughter will develop a kissing phobia that will send the entire family into therapy for five years.

    This is based on a true story. The real reasons have been changed to protect the guilty. It may be necessary for parents to warn their daughters that kissing can cause cooties. However, when she turns twelve, you will have to explain why you lied.

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