Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Writing is Risky Business

At least for me, writing is risky. When I begin to write, there are a whole slew of ideas and possibilities for what to write about. I have to know myself , my perspective and my purpose for writing and have to get a sense of where I belong. Also, I have to know what is important and be able to get the words all down in a format that will be coherent to others. How can I narrow this down? I risk my confidence.

To do this, I have to turn off that voice inside my head that says "you'll never get this right", and calm my anxieties. I risk my own rejection before I even touch the computer keys.

OK, now it's time to take that risk, reach for the keyboard or pen and put the words on paper. Once I get going, the words just flow and I begin to feel connected to that spark, muse, or motivation that resides within me. In fact it resides in all of us. Trust it. Trust yourself.

Write it down,