Monday, March 9, 2009

Award Winning Author Offers Online Workshops for Children and Young Adults

My friend, Simon Rose, science fiction and fantasy author, is offering online workshops for children and young adults ages eight to sixteen. This is a perfect vehicle to inspire, encourage and foster young writers. It is not true that one has to experience thirty years of life or be retired to write books for children and young adults. Many writers began writing when very young but did not have any way of getting good feedback or critique from professionals. A professional author was way out of reach. Not any more.

Simon’s workshops are conducted via email. This is like having your own personal published author right in the same room with you.

Details of Simon's workshops are available here

Also listen to Simon on you tube as he reads a synopsis of his books.

Below is a list of Simon Rose's books. Go to his website at purchase or on

The Doomsday Mask 2009
The Heretic's Tomb 2007
The Emerald Curse 2006
The Clone Conspiracy 2005
The Sorcerer's Letterbox 2004
The Alchemist's Portrait 2003

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