Friday, July 3, 2009

Learn to Write for Children in Six Weeks!

Writing Coach and award winning Children's Author, Suzanne Lieurance has done it again. Suzanne has developed a concise and rewarding E-course for serious writers who want to learn how to break into the children's lucrative market. No excuses here. Learn all the Tricks of the Trade in the comfort of your home.

This is a perfect summer course and you can even download the audio to your mp3 player and take it on the road. It will be like having Suzanne in your pocket. In addition, you will also receive a text file of written materials to accompany the audio. Whether you are a visual or audio learner, this course is made for you and affordable. For only $147.00 (that's only $24.50 per week) you can become a children's author. And there is much, much more. So what do you say?

OH! Did I mention the Bonus you receive when you sign up for this 6-week E-course?

When you register for the course right now!! you'll also receive 2 months membership in the Children's Writers' Coaching Club (a $54 value), which will give you the opportunity to have at least one of your manuscripts professionally critiqued once a week every single week for two months. As a member of the Children's Writers' Coaching Club you'll also receive email invitations to weekly teleclasses presented by successful published children's authors.

Hurry up and click on the link below and begin learning Tricks of the Trade today.

Tricks of the Trade: Learn to Write for Children in Just 6 Weeks

Write it down,