Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Write Short Fiction for Children

Have you ever wondered how some writer's are able to write such great stories for children? Especially short fiction. Children's short stories are fiction stories that are usually under 100 pages long.

Ideas for Children's short stories can range from animals, fairy tales, scary, or funny. Learning to write short stories deals with the same elements of long stories. The writer still needs to have a POV and most importantly a beginning, middle and end. However, children's short stories are not condensed stories from a larger version. Confused? The best way to learn how to write a short fiction story for children is to join the Children's Writer's Coaching Club now this week. During the month of September all CWCC members will be able to work on a short fiction story and have it critiqued before submitting. Does this sound like your cup of tea? Don't hesitate. Click on the logo below and sign up today.

Write it down,