Sunday, December 30, 2007

Countdown 2008. Time Is Perception

I could express a bunch of positive and motivating bits and pieces for the New Year but every one else is doing that so I am going to recommend a book for you in the New Year. A book where you can learn to obtain balance in your life.

Think Logically, Live Intuitively, Seeking The balance by J.R. Madaus.

The Part One title page jumped out and claimed me. “How can we get up to speed when we are going too fast already?”

Does that fit you? Have you lost control of your daily time management? How many “must-do” items are on your list?

“When one is faced with nothing but “must-do” items, priority-setting loses clarity as one faces the question of which two of the top ten priorities can be tackled today, or more realistically, in the next hour.”

According to Madaus, time is not the rigid equally measured ticks of a second hand. Time is a perception of the participants in an event.

Do these sayings sound familiar? They certainly reflect the idea that time may be perception.

Are your decision processes squeezed into unrealistic time frames? Long term planning has been compacted into months instead of years and today a writer can publish a book in six weeks!

The pressure is on to hurry, hurry, hurry. Even though there is so much information available to us it is sometimes difficult to find just the right facts we need. We are drowning in a sea of data. Is it possible for inspiration to be dropped into the fast lane?

Happy New Year.
Write it down,