Sunday, December 30, 2007

Countdown 2008. Time Is Perception

I could express a bunch of positive and motivating bits and pieces for the New Year but every one else is doing that so I am going to recommend a book for you in the New Year. A book where you can learn to obtain balance in your life.

Think Logically, Live Intuitively, Seeking The balance by J.R. Madaus.

The Part One title page jumped out and claimed me. “How can we get up to speed when we are going too fast already?”

Does that fit you? Have you lost control of your daily time management? How many “must-do” items are on your list?

“When one is faced with nothing but “must-do” items, priority-setting loses clarity as one faces the question of which two of the top ten priorities can be tackled today, or more realistically, in the next hour.”

According to Madaus, time is not the rigid equally measured ticks of a second hand. Time is a perception of the participants in an event.

Do these sayings sound familiar? They certainly reflect the idea that time may be perception.

Are your decision processes squeezed into unrealistic time frames? Long term planning has been compacted into months instead of years and today a writer can publish a book in six weeks!

The pressure is on to hurry, hurry, hurry. Even though there is so much information available to us it is sometimes difficult to find just the right facts we need. We are drowning in a sea of data. Is it possible for inspiration to be dropped into the fast lane?

Happy New Year.
Write it down,


  1. Hey you! Stopped by to say thank you for gracing my world this past year. I wish you the best in 2008 Carma!

  2. I can often get caught up in a slew of to-dos!

    I hope your 2008 is productive and enjoyable!


    Sylvia C.

  3. Thanks Lisa,
    You were an important part of my life in 2007 as well. We will soar with the Eagles.

  4. Hello Sylvia,
    Happy New Year. Don't you just hate those to-dos note pads that you can buy in the store? They are never big enough for me. :)

  5. "Are your decision processes squeezed into unrealistic time frames? Long term planning has been compacted into months instead of years . . ."
    I do pretty good in my home life. I am a "Simplicity" freak. I subscribe to Simple Living via the Internet and it's helped me change my life.
    However, I am a school teacher and in the Public School System the time frames given to teachers are impossible. We have 6 hours a day to teach students 8 hours of "Require" curriculum. No kidding. We sat down as a staff and figured it out with the 2-1/2 hours a day Language Arts, 1-1/2 Hour of Math, 50 minutes of English Learner Development and the 20-30 minutes a day to squeeze in required social studies and science. This does not include the 3 hours of prep time a week, the 30 minutes of library, the 45 minutes of required serving by the students in the cafeteria once a week and . . . to TOP everything off there are required district and state testing that takes hours upon hours of class time.
    Do parents know what's going on? Do they know that their children are being time-managed in such a way. No wonder we are like we are?
    What can be done about it?

  6. Robin, it sounds like the kids are robots. How do you know how much they retain?

    I think they should extend the school hours without adding any curriculumn. When I went to school a milliion years ago it was from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Kids today are getting short changed in education.

    Of course teahcers would have to stay at school longer but at least they would be able to get it all in. Just a thought.

  7. Most teacher's would agree to extend hours just to get in all the curriculm but the state and the districts are strapped financially and cannot afford to pay teachers. One solution is to have the English Lanugage Development before or after school and pay only those few teachers needed for the program. This would enable the rest of us that extra 50 minutes a day to teach curriculm.
    We are not allowed to teach any curriculm during ELD time because that would deprive the ELD students the opportunity of that curriculm.
    The system needs a fix, for sure!

  8. Well Robin, let's just hope that the message will get through to the districts about how to set priorities and place funds appropriately.