Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's On Your Desk?

This is the shelf ABOVE my desk because the water bottle would not fit ON my desk.

Today over at The Golden Pencil, author, Anne Wayman wrote about how she worked better when her desk was tidy. This topic motivated me to analyze what I keep on my desk. It's probably safe to say that I won't be needing that spool of Christmas ribbon sitting on the corner.

I am moving my office out of the garage, and am a little obsessed (Yes, I've been promoted to the big house) with organizing files, moving supplies, assembling office furniture (which will be in a later post). I started a new business so I deserve a new office, besides, this way the kids can't move back in.

Anne commented that a tidy, organized desk contributes to her motivation to expand her writing business and is a win-win situation by any standards. This really resonated with me.

However, some people work better in confusion and clutter rather than neatness. What works best for you? I know I am calmer when everything in my office is put away and organized.

Write it down,