Monday, September 8, 2008

Add a Dash of Silliness to Your Reading Time

Hello All, please welcome my guest blogger, Theresa Schultz of Stress-Free Parent blog. Theresa has a great solution on how to handle our little toddlers who want the same story read over and over.

It’s story time and your toddler comes running to you with her favorite book, an eager look on her face, ready to revisit her beloved characters one more time. The only trouble is that this is the fiftieth time you’ve read the same book and you don’t know if you can stand to read it again.

“Why don’t we read something else today sweetie?” you implore.

“But it’s my favorite. Please mommy. Pleeeeeease!”

You give in, but this time you’ve got a plan. You begin to read the story – Cinderella, let’s say. Only this time the story is about Cinder-fella – or Cinder-Rumplestilskin – or some other silly name you substitute for the real character. At first, your child thinks you’ve lost your mind, but she soon catches on. The mice become kangaroos, the pumpkin a watermelon, and the fairy godmother your great aunt Agnes.

Soon the two of you are laughing and giggling like crazy. You can barely finish reading the story through the tears in your eyes, but somehow, you manage it. Your little one looks up at you, her eyes filled with admiration.

“Mommy, that was the best story ever. Read it again.”

Note to Parents: I used this technique with my kids to change things up a bit. It made for a fun and memorable time, but I have one bit of advice for you. Do NOT try this with the bedtime story. You’ll never get your child to settle down.

Happy Reading!
Theresa Schultz