Sunday, May 13, 2007

Priority Is A Noun

How did your Priority 3 Challenge go? Have you completed it yet or do you have some tasks that cannot be accomplished in one day as Bes Zain over at The Reasoner did? Which, by the way is a more levelheaded way of facing tasks. Put a time limit on it and it will get done.

Priority is a noun. A noun is a person, place or thing. Priority is a Thang! That thang we must do in order to be successful, organized and at peace with ourselves. If you don’t give yourself enough time to complete a project then you set yourself up for failure.

What about substitutions? Are they justifiable? For instance, my top 3 priorities for Saturday were 1) go to gym, 2) file papers and 3) do book research. Those tasks vaporized the minute I wrote them on paper.

In place of going to the gym:

I took both dogs to the park.
Instead of filing papers in my office, I paid some bills.
As an alternative to doing research on my book, I worked on an assignment for a writing course I signed up for.

This is how I see it. I got some exercise, I worked in my office and I worked on a writing assignment. Can you see a paradox in this? I know I’m stretching it but hey, what’s a girl to do?

Even though the tasks that I did complete were not on my top 3 list for Saturday, they are on my master list. It’s ok to switch around isn’t it? I can answer that. The point about setting priorities is that they do change just as goals change. What should NOT change is our Plan. To help yourself become successful, set your plan in concrete and your goals in sand. One major part of your plan should be to talk to other bloggers for support and information.

The blogosphere is full of helpful friends who give advice on how to be successful. Here are just a few: Carolyn Manning, Liz Strauss, Lisa Gates, Anne Wayman, Leon Ho, Rick Cockrum, Phil Gerbyshak, Roger von Oech, Suzanne Lieurance, Lori Widner, Tom Chandler, and many more.

So do that THANG that you’re gonna do.
Write it down,