Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday: Writing Links For the Curious Writer

Here are some direct links to some articles I know you will enjoy. However, don't try to read them all in one day. Spread it out over several days then apply what you learn. is a fabulous website and is for writers of all genres.

Editing Secrets by Laura Backes will help you make your work shine if you want to get it in front of the editor's eyes. This article has the low-down.

Writing for Young Readers by Eugie Foster is also an eye opener.

Check out the FAQ's that will take the mystery out of some misdirected rumors.

Writing-World also has departments for Beginners World, Business World and I really like the Freelancer’s World. Tips Queries, submissions. Everything you need to get started.

Verla Kay is a veteran children's author and always has a wealth of information on her site. I ran across a character chart she developed that works for her, she says. Go here to see it. It's detailed right down to the TV shows they watch. Now that's developing.

Have fun.

Write it down,