Sunday, July 8, 2007

Free Blog Tipping!

Thank You Dwaud

Since my subscription to Dwaud Miracle, I have enjoyed and benefited from his expertise. His post on July 7, 2007 is no exception. When you go over to Dwaud's Blog you will see how to get your Blog Tipped!

Get your Blogging Tips from Douglas Karr at The Marketing Technology Blog

Write it down,

How Much Are You Worth?

Last week I participated in two quizzes from Mingle2.

I am 77% addicted to blogging and only 18% Geek.

Does that mean I am 82% Normal? Now, according to the Cadaver Calculator my dead body is worth $4,665.00. How much are you worth....DEAD?

$4665.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

The weekend is doing what it is supposed to do...End. I hope everyone had a wonderful one and come Monday morning we all will be working with sharper pencils. I plan to sharpen mine by reading and savoring the 164 Essential Tools for Online Success from Char of Essential Key Strokes. Thanks Char for re-posting these valuable Tools for Online Success.

Write it down,