Monday, November 3, 2008

Can You Write for Children?

Do you want to write for children? Read this article to determine if you CAN write for children. Go to The Writing for Children Resource Site then scroll down to sub heading "Where should I start?" and click on "Can I Write for Children?"

How does one get started writing for children? Do I need an agent? What are multiple submissions? Have you ever asked yourself these questions and more? I found a website where you can find out answers to these questions and more questions you may not have thought of yet. Bethany Roberts’ Writing for Children Workshop.

The Bethany Roberts Workshop is a place to learn tips that motivate and it will direct you to other helpful links. Do you want to know how to prepare for doing story telling at a library? Read the response here.

Another favorite bookmark of mine is The Purple Crayon. It’s about writing and publishing children’s books. You can also find articles about publishing and submitting etc. For example here is a great article titled Getting Out of the Slush Pile. In piles of hundreds of manuscripts how can you be sure that yours will be noticed? Harold Underdown breaks down some common concerns for writers. This article is about 1) the beginning, 2) overworked story types, 3) What to include 4) Recommended approaches.

Last but by all means First. How to Write a Successful Query There are tons of articles about query submission and from what I hear, the query letter may soon be the only way to break into some of the best markets. This article is one of the better ones.

Write it down,