Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blogging Versus Writing

I was reading Dwaud Miracle’s post about “I’d like to blog but I can’t write” and was moved to put in my 2 cents on my blog instead of commenting on his. Besides maybe a new reader will stop by and check out his blog, therefore spreading the link love.

I agree that someone who maintains and develops a blog does not have to be a writer. The crème de la crème of writing a blog is the message. Communicate your message effectively and passionately and the mechanics of writing will develop naturally.

What we believe will determine our attitudes toward that one thing. Since whatever you believe about yourself will end up affecting what you do, you can be sure that if you believe you are not a writer, your belief will turn out to be correct, true or not.

Belief does not require that something be true, it only requires that YOU believe it to be true.

If you believe you are a writer, then by golly you ARE a writer. Just because you can’t spell good doesn’t mean you can’t write substance. After all that is why there are people in the business of editing.

What you believe can also work against you. Let’s say you believed you had trouble being accepted easily by others. As a result you found yourself standing back at parties and unsure of yourself. This can harm your self esteem. Most of the beliefs we have of ourselves are not true but our mind will believe if we let it.

Are our beliefs like birth marks? Do our beliefs one day spring out of no where? Our beliefs are not accidents of nature.
Write it down,


  1. Mutes excepted there are very few people who can't talk, talking is easy, natural. Writing, on the other hand, is structured; there is technique behind it. This doesn't mean that there are not good and bad conversationalists but talking is nevertheless more natural than writing.

    Blogging, by its very nature, feels chatty. It doesn't feel like writing. I can see totally why some people would find it easier to relate to blogging. Also writing – to many people's standards – doesn’t become valid until it's published. It's then that you're a 'real' writer. A blog doesn’t require such a rubber stamp.

  2. Hi Jim,
    You say it so much better than I do.

    Talking may be easy but if you don't know how to think then your words come out confused. I guess that could go for writing too.

    With talking there is that body language of another person which influences the meaning and tone of the words. You don't get that in a blog.

    All in all I would say we need a brain to do either one.

    I guess we could study further the difference between a blogger and a writer or categorize them. Not every blogger is a writer and they don't have to be.

    I really enjoy your comments