Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mind, Body and Spirit is Ki

As my friend and I walked past the Jungshim Ki Health Energy booth, a Master teacher smiled and asked if we wanted a demonstration of the special massage. My energy blockage must have manifested it self to him very strongly because Master Cha grabbed my hand to pull me over to him. Placing his hands on my shoulders, he began pressing very hard into my muscles. It almost hurt. Immediately I felt something release, then he took his hands away. Of course that was the teaser so I decided to go for the full thing.

Master Cha motioned me to lie on my back on the cot where I was in full view of every passer-by. The Jungshim Ki Treatment began and throaty sounds began to emanate from Master Cha as his physically powerful hands maneuvered their way over every key point of my body. I was very nervous but decided that since we were in a public place and he was a professional, that I could rest easy and enjoy this Ki Treatment.

As each of his hands engulfed both my ears and turning my neck side to side, his loud breathing, almost panting, shooossssh, shooosssh, then, a human sonic boom escaped from his mouth in short bursts, sounding like it was in excess of 10 decibels,. This was repeated many times during the treatment. The noise seemed to intensify when his hands were around my neck.

The Ki Treatment is a unique acupressure and energy treatment. When the Ki Treatment was over, Master Cha, smiled pleasantly asking how I felt. I felt very calm and light. Ki Masters believe that Ki Energy revitalizes body, mind and spirit and restores our connection with Nature.

This Ki Energy experience took place at the New Living Expo, this past Friday, where my friend and I were greeted with familiar sights and smells from the 60’s. The focus of this expo was on connecting mind, body and spirit and a renewal of commitment to the betterment of the environment. Natural herbs, crystals, natural foods were on hand. Each booth was connected to mind, body and spirit or environment. Also, free physic readings were available.
We all could use a little more postive emotions in our life. Cultivating a beautiful and positive mind is essential to maintain a healthy body and a stable flow of energy.

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