Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Impatience of Success

"Instead of thinking about where you are, think about where you want to be. It takes twenty years of hard work to become an overnight success." Diana Rankin

Thomma Lyn responded to Writer In the Making’s meme tag and posted a “recycled post” on Failure that fits so perfectly with this quotation. Click here to check it out.

Wikipedia says that failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desired objective. What is the criteria for failure? Is it a company failure or product failure? It could be a hyped event like the 1986 live TV special, where Geraldo Rivera had the public anticipating that Al Capone's vault was full of money, but all that was found was an empty moonshine bottle.

Failure is part of life. You have to string a bunch of them together in order to achieve the best possible result. You are only a failure if you stop thinking and creating. Your family won’t think you are a failure. Who is more important than that?

Write it down,



  1. And what do you do with this perceived failure? I think the real failure is not learning from it and failing to move forward.

  2. Hi Harmony,
    I agree totally that failure is to be learned from.

    I don't think anyone plans to fail, but when our definition of failure happens,like rejection slips, we just need to keep on.

    Thanks for dropping by.