Saturday, June 16, 2007

Words Are All I Have

Thanks Dawud Miracle for tagging me about songs that make my heart sing. I have many but just yesterday or so ago, I ran across this amazing YouTube video after doing some serious vertical surfing over at Liz Strauss' place. I can't remember which blogger had a link to these talented boys of Boy Zone but they are awesome

The Words are simple and sobering to me. Maybe it is more the tune than the words but as Neil Diamond says "You are the song I am the tune, Play me"

Click Here

Write it down,


  1. Hi Carma.

    I can remember that song from a long time back. I can even hear the melody and remember some of the lyrics. Now, you know, I'll have to go listen to it again.

  2. Hi Dawud, that song is new to me. I think it is very fitting for writers or anyone who uses words for expressions of feelings.