Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Chambers & Bloggers - A Good Mix

In my post Social Conversations, I compared blogging and social networking to chamber of commerce’s mixers. Let's take a look and find out how blogging/social networking stack up against an organization that has been around since the sixteenth century. I don’t think you can really compare the two entities fairly, however there is one important statement that fits both worlds.

Responsible bloggers do encourage and support a climate where writers, designers, copywriters, coaches and many more entrepreneurs can be productive and profitable. Instead of meeting face to face, we meet screen to screen providing factual information and motivation for learning. We are all citizens of this blogging community and communities are what their citizens make them.

Internet marketing has also made a huge impact on chambers of commerce. Click here to see a video of how this North Sacramento chamber markets to prospective new members via YouTube. Their energetic message, Lead, Serve, Inspire is riveting.

Entertainment is sometimes used to liven up a chamber mixer. Bloggers have access to all kinds of entertainment as well but this local chamber really knows how to get your blood pumping. Sign me up! I think the content of this conversation is self explanatory. Chambers of Commerce have joined the global bandwagon too.

I hope this helps those of you, (who are like me), to understand what people are talking about when they have conversations about conversation. The conversation is the glue that holds relationships together. I think I’m getting it now.

I highly recommend that you join your local chamber of commerce. All you need to do is spend a total of two hours a month handing out business cards and meeting other people who probably need your services.

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  1. Great information, I've noticed on my own city's chamber of commerce page that they often include email addresses, links, and other electronic means in which to "connect". Joining the Chamber is a great idea!

    For those starting out and can't afford the annual dues, there are free organizations in which to network also like Freelancer's Union.

    Great Job! Carma

    Taryn Simpson

  2. Hi Taryn,
    Thanks for that info on the Freelancer's Union. I read your interview on there but didn't realize it was a networking organization.

  3. Hi, Carma,

    Yes, the Chamber of Commerce is good. I prefer blogging simply because I can meet people that way in my pjs.

    Now...a Chamber of Commerce where everyone wore pjs - that would be something I'd LOVE to join.

    The Working Writer's Coach

  4. Ooh, you're on to something Suzanne. I like that idea. :)

    I believe in being comfortable when working too.