Monday, October 22, 2007

As You Focus on Success, Include Gratitude.

Today when the sun warmed my face, I knew it was a good day. It was one of those days when we all are glad to be alive.

But are you glad to be alive on stormy days? When the weather is blizzard cold, and your feet can’t get warm or dry? When the knot in your stomach feels like it will burst at any moment? It is on these days we are tested.

But it should be a no-brainer test because Every day is a good day to be alive especially when we utilize the two factors of Gratitude and Focus. Sometimes Focusing can be used for negative reasons, but I liken it to a point of light reflecting back into a camera lense thus projecting our virtual focus on a clear image of our future.

As the image becomes clear, a feeling of gratitude for the support and encouragement received from like minded friends and associates will manifest.
Suzanne Lieurance at Working Writers Coach speaks about Gratitude and Focus in her post.

Suzanne says, “Two factors help me live the freelance writing career of my dreams: gratitude and focus.”

Suzanne also hosts a weekly teleclass called Writer’s On Call. Each Thursday evening she or a guest will host an hour teleseminar on topics such as marketing and promoting your freelance career, time management and goals.

Diane Eble who is often a host will answer your Publishing questions at

I have been attending these teleclasses for some weeks now and have met so many phenomenal and talented people.

Pat McCarthy is a wonderful photographer and published author.

Ettarose Lazaros has a new book out called Heaven Help Mom: and Maybe the Kids Will Help. Check it out here.

Tim Anderson of The Medical Migrant will keep you informed on the oddities of the medical world with news you may not know.

Kate Garvey at Pet Care Resource of America will teach you to walk your cat.

Rosemary Kapitan is just beginning her career as a children’s writer.

Suzanne says she is "a typical working freelance writer" and you can get a taste of what it is like as a full time writer when you visit. As Suzanne says, “The writer’s life of your dreams won’t mean sitting on the beach and writing when the mood strikes you.”

However, it does sound like a rewarding busy life.

Write it down,


  1. Hey, Carma,

    What a great blog and what a nice post.

    Just reading this made me grateful to have you and Diane and Etta and Pat and Kate and Tim and Rosemary in my life. And being grateful is magical. It actually MAKES you happy. So thanks for helping me be grateful AND happy today!

    The Working Writer's Coach

  2. Suzanne, thank you for your kind comment.

    Gratitude is neglected far too often. Sometimes it is almost like an after thought until people like you bring it to the forefront.

  3. Right again! We are never grateful enough for so many people who have got us where we are and often not thoughtful enough to remember who propped us up in those lean days. Wow, I think I'll come to your post daily to get a daily dose! I am grateful to you!
    Steven Clark Bradley

  4. I enjoyed ur "Graitude & Focus" post. It's beautiful to see people taking the time to encourage others. May The Lord continue to shower u with insight and creativity in all u say.

  5. Steven, thank you for your kind comments. Gratitude gets lost in the fog of apathy. I am happy to keep it in the forefront so that we will not forget others.

  6. im4ujesus, thank you for your thoughtful post and taking the time to stop by.