Monday, February 4, 2008

Writing Biographies for Children: Show Me the Money!

If you would like to learn how to generate more revenue by writing biographies for children, you need to join the Children's Writer's Coaching Club.

Biographies can be a strong revenue generator for children's authors. What are the secrets to breaking into the field? What are the rewards and the pitfalls? How are biographies different from other non-fiction writing?

You can join Lila Guzman, author of nine biographies for young readers, in a lively discussion of this specialized field if you join the CWCC today.

Points of Interest that will be discussed are:
1. Dead or Alive: special problems when picking a person to write about
2. Trusting your sources: Dealing with conflicting information/Doing research
3. Making it understandable to young readers
4. Word Count and the "Formula" for a children's biography:
a. 5 chapters
b. Timeline
c. Biography (for kids)
d. Words to Know
e. Pronunciation Guide (To Spanish Words)
5. Getting permission/pictures.
6. How to get a contract.

To receive an email invitation to this LIVE event - plus the link to a recording of the class on Friday - join the Children's Writers' Coaching Club today.

As a club member, this week you'll also receive a short writing lesson.You can also have one of your manuscript's professionally critiqued during our manuscript critique telesession Wednesday night.

You do not have to attend the critique session to have your manuscript critiqued. You'll receive the link to a recording of the session on Thursday.

I hope you'll join the club. It's the easiest and most enjoyable way I know of to take your children's writing career to the next level!

Write it down,

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