Monday, May 19, 2008

Week Links: Get On With Your Research & Reading

The Writing for Children Resource Site.

This one link has tons of articles that answer questions like
Where should I start?

What shall I write?

Many new writers have no idea how to submit their work. There are articles here that will demystify the process.

This link has articles on the writing process and submissions. Riches of information abound.

In addition the world of children’s books is at your finger tips through your local library. You don’t even have to leave home unless you want to check a book out. I logged on to my local library and clicked on the kids category box. A page called Kids Infobits came up with links to a broad coverage of subjects for children through the GALE database.

I found a treasure chest of children’s magazine articles from publishers like Dig, Calliope and Scholastic and more. You can find out what topics have been published. Also, many articles are printed in full which would allow a writer to “study” the type of article a particular magazine publishes. This benefit could save you money and the hassle of acquiring samples via snail mail. This is a great resource to add to your tool box. Of course you will need your local library card.

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