Monday, July 28, 2008

Why You Should Hire A Writing Coach

A writer needs a coach just as an athlete does. Although writing is not an athletic sport, (unless you count the activity of pacing back and forth in your office while you tear your hair out trying to figure out what to write,) it is a specialized profession. A coach is a specialized expert in their field.
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Following are five reasons why you need a writing coach.

1. Increase productivity. Free up more time for writing. Work like cooking, washing dishes or cleaning house is unproductive for writers. This type of work can be delegated to other family members or if your budget allows it, hire someone else to do it.
2. Earn more money. Your writing coach will teach you how write top notch query and cover letters leading to great writing jobs. Also, a writing coach will show you where to look for jobs.
3. Generate desired results. You are your own worst critics. A coach can be objective and open your eyes to your positive attributes.
4. Receive self-esteem support. It is easy to feel depressed when creativity seems to get stuck. You may feel inadequate and the knee-jerk reaction is to beat your self up. A coach can show you how to combat against writing blocks.
5. Shatter Procrastination. All the planning and goal setting in the world will not help you become a best selling author unless you apply action. A writing coach is there for you every inch of the way. Each time you cry out "It's too hard", your coach will tell you yes it is hard but you can do it!

A writing coach gives support, listens and teaches. If your writing career is not going where you want it to go you need a coach. It's time to get off the fence. Suzanne Lieurance is The Working Writer's Coach and the director of The National Writing for Children Center.
Write it down,


  1. Hi Carma,

    Working with Suzanne this summer sure has made a difference for me. I know I would have gotten sidetracked several times over.


  2. Amen... Suzanne has helped me focus and find my voice. What a blessing.


  3. I believe Suzanne as my writing coach has made all the difference in pushing me forward towards the goal of freelance writing, especially in helping me to find a niche and a voice. I highly recommend her services if a freelance writing career is your dream too.

  4. Suzanne is an inspiration. She has so much to teach. I'm thankful to her for getting me motivated to start the writing career of my dreams.

    Lisa Kirby