Monday, December 15, 2008

My Gift to You - The Gift of Simplicity

Over the next two weeks, my gift to you will be daily uplifting and motivational passages by famous and not-so-famous authors. I hope you enjoy them. If any passage moves you, please comment and share. Christmas is the time of sharing.

At Christmastime, children play an essential part in our celebrations. So much of what we do is intended to please them--and all the while our hearts keep hearkening back to the Christmas memories of our own childhoods. On Christmas Eve, sometimes we can't help but envy our children the stars in their eyes, especially when our own eyes are dull with exhaustion.

Christmas is so much simpler for a child. Can we open our tired, adult eyes to that same simplicity?

Ellen Sanna
For Unto Us a Child is Born


  1. Hi Carma, I look forward to reading your quotes. An early Christmas present! Dorothy

  2. Lovely thoughts. When we simplify we get to the heart of the matter. Being with our loved ones, giving of ourselves, and taking time to remember the reason behind this very special holiday are the best presents we could give or get.


  3. Great ideas for posts, simple, direct, and meaningful for the holiday. Thank you.


  4. Yes Theresa, I want to keep it uncomplicated.


  5. Hi Terri,
    I just didn't have the time to come up with something on my own so I enlisted the help of more experienced writers. :)