Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Slow Burn - Book Review

Meet the author of A Slow Burn, Mary DeMuth.

Mary DeMuth is an expert in the field of Pioneer Parenting. She helps Christian parents plow fresh spiritual ground, especially those seeking to break destructive family patterns. Her message guides parents who don’t want to duplicate the home where they were raised or didn’t have positive parenting role models growing up.

An accomplished writer, Mary’s parenting books include Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture, Building the Christian Family You Never Had, and Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God. Her real-to-life novels inspire people to turn trials into triumphs: Watching the Tree Limbs (2007 Christy Award finalist, ACFW Book of the Year 2nd Place) and Wishing on Dandelions (2007 Retailer’s Choice Award finalist).

Mary is a frequent speaker at women’s retreats and parenting seminars, addressing audiences in both Europe and the United States. National media regularly seek Mary’s candid ability to connect with their listeners. Her radio appearances include FamilyLife Today, Moody Midday Connection, and U.S.A. Radio network. She also has articles published in Marriage Partnership, In Touch, and HomeLife.

As pioneer parents, Mary and her husband Patrick live in Texas with their three children. They recently returned from breaking new spiritual ground in Southern France where they planted a church.

A Slow Burn - Review

Emory Chance comes up short for any chance of a life after the murder of her one and only daughter Daisy. Emory is ridden with guilt and heartache toward her self as well as anger and doubt toward people who just want to protect her.

As the murder investigation becomes stagnant Emory struggles to keep her sanity by toggling between a blissful drug-induced existence and a daily routine of sober living without love. Convinced there is no such thing as love, she begins to receive anonymous letters about Jesus, forgiveness and Daisy. Yet, she buries her feelings deep down inside where no one can reach and she blames God for Daisy’s death.

Mary’s suspenseful prose draws you through a wide spectrum of love and hate. Just as you revel in acts of absolute humility the turn of a page can throw you into a downward spiral of betrayal and denial. Will Emory Chance survive the onslaught? Mary’s characters are personal and readers begin to care and connect which is what writing is all about. Mary has skillfully brought her characters to life on each page of “A Slow Burn”. I am looking forward to the third sequel. Take a look at the book trailer below.

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  1. Nice interview and review, I thinks I might want to read this one. I come from a broken home and through the power of god have manage to create the loveing home life I always wanted. Happly married with three wonderful children. God bless her and her family and thier work.

  2. Hi Sherry, Thank you,
    This is an easy read. By that I mean the characters and story line jump in your heart and it is hard to put down.

    "Daisy Chain" is the first in the Defiance trilogy but you need not have read it to understand "A Slow Burn". All I can say is that I know the third book will be a must read for me.


  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to read A Slow Burn and offer a review. I so appreciate it!

  4. It was my pleasure, Mary.


  5. I think any author with the message that guides parents who don't want to duplicate the home where they were raised is important.It's a difficult thing to divert from the things we know, so for those who come from troubled homes, hopefully they can find the strength to not follow a certain path.

    Can't wait to check out this book! It sounds like a tear-jerker! Thanks for sharing!

    All the best,