Sunday, August 8, 2010

Start the Day The Morning Nudge Way

Every writer needs a little prompting at one time or another. In today’s hectic lifestyle multi-tasking has become the norm. Yet studies have shown it isn’t possible to perform a slew of tasks at the same time without confusion setting in. Our brains get used to jumping around and are not able to focus for any quality of time. Instead they switch back and forth over and over and over. I’m dizzy already.

Also productivity is significantly decreased for writers when the brain does not stay focused on one task long enough. Each writer needs time to daydream as they figure out plots and writing scenes with dialogue. Non fiction writers need time to focus on research and continuity.

When you subscribe to The Morning Nudge you will receive daily tips loaded with motivation to get a little writing done each day. Watch the video and see for your self.

I have been receiving The Morning Nudge for several years now and I am always happy with the volume of information Suzanne Lieurance offers her Morning Nudge Club members. As a member of The Morning Nudge club you will have many opportunities to enroll in workshops, teleseminars and network with other professional writers like yourself.

In addition, Suzanne Lieurance offers a wide variety of writing Ecourses and guest teachers that you cannot get anywhere else for the price. Go to the Morning Nudge Link and see for your self.

Writing requires a clear mind.


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