Thursday, April 19, 2007

When Does the Muse Hit You?

Ok, so you have been writing for days and most of it is mediocre stuff but yet it is good. Sometimes all it takes is a word, a flashback, or your brain has found the answer to a question you sent it last week. Bang! Aha! Our Muse does not tell time so it will pop in at the least moment we expect it.

You are changing baby boy’s diapers and as you open the diaper…ahem…, he deposits his daily duty at the exact same second the story plot of your novel begins to unfold from your brain, down the arm and into the fingers in record time with no way to stop it. The fingers are twitching and the words…the words. They are the ones you have been searching for. Arrgghhh! You fear they will fly away on the wings of a butterfly.

What would YOU do?

Suggestion one: Close up baby boy’s diaper and stick the pacifier in his mouth and rush to the nearest writing pad or keyboard.

Suggestion two: Lovingly finish taking care of baby boy, rock him, feed him and put him down for a nap. Leisurely, stroll to the keyboard and rewind your brain. (You would have had to overdose on warm milk to utilize this suggestion.)

Suggestion three: Go with the flow. Not baby boy’s flow, but your flow. Your flow of words. Believe me you will remember some of the creative outburst. All it takes are just a few words on paper or on the PC screen from you to wake the Muse up again. Have patience. The Muse will come back.

For me the Muse does not always come at will but that’s the beauty of the creative mind. The unexpected moments when it all comes together and makes sense (mostly) or at least enough sense to spur you on your way to completion of your book or project.

Your mind is always working to fill your requests. Just listen and it will come.
Write it down,

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