Monday, March 24, 2008

A Few Good Links

Over the weekend I ran across more than a few good links while I was looking for relevant content. There is so much great stuff out there that I couldn’t decide what to post, so I decided to post links and let you surf and peruse around.

Margot Finke’s post on “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books” by Harold Underdown is one I don’t want to miss. Go here to read it.

And this link will lead you to dozens of guides on how to write children’s books!

Dottie Enderle’s website is very appealing. Click here to take a quiz and discover 10 tips for writing picture books.

One of my readers gave me this tidbit. Maybe some of you already know where to go to get the submission guidelines for the Cricket Magazine Group. I did not.

Have legal questions? Take a look at Writer’s Beware. This site has an abundance of information.

Another place to submit articles for sale is Writing for Dollars.

In Addition:

Have you ever wondered what to read when looking for ideas and examples for your nonfiction writing? I discovered one idea that said the best way to do this is to look in a bookstore under the topic you’re writing, (biographies or science, American history, etc.) and pull out a few books for the same target audience.

Certain authors of these books have made a name for themselves and they are who you want to study. Also ask your local librarian which titles are flying off the shelf.

Write it down,



  1. Carma, thanks for the tips. I will be looking up all of these sites, as I need all of the help I can get. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Terri
    Me too. We all want to fill up our tool box with great ideas and how to's.

  3. Carma, Thanks for the tips. Since I don't think I'll end up writing for children I was all set to be disappointed, when I found you had a link to Writer's Beware and Writing for Dollars.

    I took just a minute to wander around on these sites - they will need more time - later. But thanks for including them.

    Gayle McCain

  4. Hi Gayle,
    I'm glad I was able to include useful tips for you. Information for children's authors do not (to me anyway) have to come from one genre.