Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Not To Get Published

Editorial Anonymous (A blog of a children’s book editor) is an astonishing blog. It is written with truth, a bit of bawdiness and most of all some real good information laced with humor.

While surfing I found reference to two outstanding and outrageous posts. I highly recommend the read and if you aren’t wiping tears from your eyes then you aren’t reading it.


Write it down,



  1. And that is why we practice. And why we have brutal friends who are not nice when they edit. And we must develop thick skins.

    And mostly that is why we pray!

    Practice and prayer.

    Thanks Carma for both of the links - they give good advice, inform (and yes - intimidate a little.)

    Gayle McCain

  2. Thanks Gayle,
    It will take some time to go through all this stuff but it is full of great advice.