Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When Does Freelance Equal Expert?

A few days ago members of the Children’s Writing Coaching Club were discussing how beginning writers can become viewed as experts. What exactly makes an expert? Do you need a degree? Do you have to have thirty years experience?

Our writing coach, Suzanne Lieurance tells us we can become experts when we write about issues that are specific to our focal point on a regular basis. For instance, parenting, education and so on. Soon people will come to our blog or website first to find out the latest news. We each have it within ourselves to become experts.

Jeffrey Way also writes a great post about how to qualify as an expert. Go to Freelance Folder and read the entire post.

Write it down,


  1. Hi Carma,

    This was an interesting post. I have stopped myself from writing many times over the years because I didn't think I was qualified - I wasn't an "expert" in the field. Now I realize how important life experience is and how valuable it can be. I read Jeffrey's post too, and I agree that if we don't know something, we can take the opportunity to learn it and still present the client with a worthwhile product - the classic win-win situation.


  2. Hey Carma,

    You really put it out there. Name dropping and all. I think you're got this blogging stuff under control.I still want to know how you find the pictures you put up each day???

    Lisa H.
    Best ngame yet to be determined.

  3. Wow Carma,
    Great post and it hit home with me.

    What really makes someone an expert - who really determines that "title" can be theirs? Each of us has something valuable to contribute and focusing is key.

    Thanks for the greta post.

    Take care,

  4. Hey, Carma,

    When I read this post I thought, "Wow! She's really starting to 'get it' now."

    The thing you did so well here is you used the words of other "experts" (like me) to make your point, and in the process, people see you as an expert resource. Good for you!

    Thanks for the plugs! That's a great thing to do, as well. And not just for the people you plug, but for you, too.

    Suzanne Lieurance
    The Working Writer's Coach
    "When Your Pen Won't Budge, Read The Morning Nudge"

  5. Hi there, Carma,

    It takes work, but it seems like things are starting to click. I like what you said...

    "We each have it within ourselves to become experts."

    Thanks for the inspiration, Carma. Take care...

    Lisa Kirby

  6. Hi, Carma.

    Great post. I went to Jeffrey's post and looked through the comments there. You didn't leave a comment for him or use the "trackback" option. If blogger doesn't have tutes on using Trackbacks, go visit Typepad and search their Help for info on trackback. It helps the search engine spiders come back to you too when you link to someone else's post. Keep your marketing a two-way street. :-)

    Great post and keep up the great work!

    Sue Berg

  7. Theresa thanks for the comment. I heard a long time ago that CEO's President's and other leaders don't know everything. It is an illusion.

    They surround them selves with people who can find out for them. So when they are asked an important question, they know exactly who to go to.

  8. Lisa H.
    Name dropping is what it's all about. They call it link love. :) I don't understand it but that is what we are supposed to do.

  9. Judy thaks for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Suzanne thanks so much for the compliment. Sometimes it is hard to use other people's words withou feeling like stealing but I am learning it is also a compliment to give them credit.

  11. Lisa K I agree everything is a lot of work but when you look back it really wasn't all that bad. This is how we learn. We all have short memories.

  12. Sue, Yikes you are right. I forgot to go there. I subscribe to Freelance but didn't go to his post. Although a blogger can spend a heck of a lot of time just blogging back and forth and leaving links all over. But it is important to keep those marketing lanes open.

    I don't understand all about track backing and I have read about it before. But my experience has shown that when I place a link on my blog, usually that person will get a notice whether I comment on their blog or not. Is that what they call pinging? I don't know what service they have. Maybe google alert. Like I said I don't understand all of that.

    Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for the information. I really need to understand how this all works.