Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Do You Cross Fertilize?

It has been said that writers write about what they know. This may be relevant in the beginning of a career but how many times can you write about your vacation to an exotic hideaway or your short stint as a body guard for some celebrity?

Research is key for any kind of writing and I know I am speaking to the choir on that subject, but I just needed to probe a little, so I picked up the book "A Whack on the side of The Head" by Roger von Oech.

Research doesn't have to be done in a library or online. People are one of the best suppliers of research around. For instance, some of the examples of Cross Fertilization given by von Oech are quite humorous and could be considered excellent ideas for some fiction stories. Let's send these people to lunch and see what they come up with:

1. A policeman and a librarian
2. A circus clown and an air traffic controller (now this one is hilarious, but no more than the next one)
3. A fool and a banker
4. A prostitute and a professional football player.

I'm thinking it may not be a bad idea for me to go get whacked upside the head once in a while.

Write it down



  1. These are great writing prompts! I think I'm going to try the fool and the banker :)

  2. That's great Harmony. I can imagine you will find a multitude of topics. Happy Writing.